2 Simple Words That Improve Sales

One word that impacts sales

By focusing on these two simple words, you can dramatically improve the sales messages on your website, in your emails and in your videos. These two words help you say the right things, connect with your customer and close the sale.

But first, here’s a fact about the people you’re selling to..

They don’t care about you

They care about whether you can help solve THEIR problems and move them closer to achieving THEIR goals. Which is why the first word you should focus on is “You”.

There are articles that claim psychological trickery as the reason this word is so important. For me the benefit is much simpler: using the word “you” forces me to talk about the customer.

Instead of:
“Our company sells [product], which does [a host of features]”

we say:
“[customer’s problem] is a big problem for companies like yours. [product] can solve that for you”.

Notice the difference? One is about the product and the other is about the customer.

In fact, the more you can focus on your customer the better you can connect with them. For example, describing customer’s problem better than they can, painting a picture of their life without that problem, introducing your product as the solution to that problem – it’s all about them.

Still, after all this you may find that…

They don’t believe you

When we hear that a product might solve our problem, we want to know how that’s possible. If no believable explanation is given we say “That sounds too good to be true” and leave.

That’s why the second word you should focus on is “Because”.

“Because” serves as a constant reminder to always back up your claims. If you know the classic advice “sell the benefits not the features”, know that you should back up your benefits with facts and features.

Here’s a CopyBlogger post on supporting your benefits with features.

Now, the word “because” doesn’t even need to be written explicitly – you just need to give them a reason… which is my next point…

They need a reason

We all need a reason for doing things. This has been proven by Harvard study illustrated in Cialdini’s book “Influence”.  Its results show that people are more likely to respond to a request when given a reason.


The surprising part is that for small requests a placebic bullshit reason works almost as well as a real reason. Asking for money, however, is typically not a small request, so giving people a sound reason why they should try your product is crucial.


There are many powerful words in sales like “Free”, “New”, “You”, “Because”, however they are mostly advertised as gimmicks or quick tricks.

In this post we look at the words “You” and “Because” as a way of focusing on your customers, solving their problems and giving them reasons to believe you.

So the next time you update your website, see if you can make it more about the customer. I’m certain you’ll be happy with the results.


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Chris Willow

Chris is the founder of Killer Sales Video. He's been in the business for over 5 years and has worked with more than 1,000 clients in 29 countries worldwide.