Video Not Generating Sales? Here’s Why…


Clients come to us for video help, but what they often need is advice on positioning, copywriting and marketing. As long as these things are not taken care of, a great sales video can not make a huge difference.

Here are some points you should address before investing in a video.


Positioning can make or break your business. Get it right and customers will come to you credit card in hand. Get it wrong and you’ll have a hard time giving your product away for free.

I’ve seen quality products fizzle as a direct result of bad positioning, and I’ve seen crappy products succeed because they were positioned perfectly.

So what is perfect positioning actually?

It’s when you’re selling a product that solves a specific problem, to the people who actually need to solve that problem.

Too often I see products that are targeted to one customer, but their marketing message speaks to another, completely different kind of customer.

Huge disconnect.

In the end the people who would happily pay top dollar for your product, end up leaving  your site, because it was written for somebody else.


So you’ve figured out who’s the right customer for your product, you’ve marketed your product as the perfect solution to this customer, but you’re still not getting the sales you expect.

The next sticking point is quite simple: are the people visiting your website the same people you need to be selling to?

A fairly easy way to determine that is to look at your website analytics (you do have analytics, right?). What you want to look for is visitor engagement – bounce rate, average pages per visit and visit duration.

There are special  tools like CrazyEgg, Inspectlet and others that let you get a better picture of what visitors are actually doing on your website. Similarly, you can use tools like KrunchLabs to see which parts of your videos visitors are actually watching.

One more point I’d like to add – don’t forget to track your banner ads and Adwords campaigns to see visitor engagement and conversion rates by traffic source.


Design matters. A simple, clean and professional design can help you attract the right kind of buyers. At the same time a crappy “internet marketing” style website will more likely than not scare those buyers away.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like Craigslist and PlentyOfFish. But then those are old, well established websites getting millions of pageviews per day.

Now, good design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

These days we have WordPress and thousands of high quality premium themes available for less than $50. There are also visual tools that help you build beautiful sites with minimal know how.

Overall, if you’re going to be investing thousand dollars in a video, you might as well get spend a little extra to get your design in order.


Our experience shows that it’s beneficial to have some kind of brand associated with your products. It could be a great product name, a catchy domain, or simply your personal name and reputation.

Truth is, a good product name and logo won’t exactly boost your sales overnight. Then again, a keyword-stuffed or misleading name can and will hurt your credibility and sales.


So you’ve got a great product, a pretty marketing site targeted towards your ideal customer and a steady flow of qualified visitors to your beautifully designed responsive website.

The time has come to evaluate the technical aspects of your video.

See, there are multiple ways to add a video to your site: embed it from YouTube, use a professional video hosting service or host the file yourself.

The problem with the latter, especially if you’re on a shared hosting account, is that your video can become painfully slow to load.

And that’s bad news.

You see, every second people need to wait for the video to start means less and less of those people will watch it. So instead of hosting the video yourself, host it on Amazon S3, YouTube or any other professional service.


Video is just one of the many things that need to come together to sell your product effectively.

Some of the other key aspects include Design, Copywriting, Branding, Marketing and Traffic Acquisition. Any one of these elements can affect the conversion rate of your website.

Key takeaway: when deciding to invest in a video, consider improving other parts of your sales funnel as well.


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Chris Willow

Chris is the founder of Killer Sales Video. He's been in the business for over 5 years and has worked with more than 1,000 clients in 29 countries worldwide.