Seo With Video- Gain Better Search Engine Rankings For Your Videos

Tips and TricksOne of the ways to gain exposure in search engine results is with video. Get your video ranked high and drive the viewers to your site with it. Sounds simple, but how exactly to go about it?

Steps for getting your video ranked are almost the same as with any website. You need to optimize the on-page factors like title, headline, keywords, body copy etc. as well as do off page optimization. That basically means creating quality incoming links with proper keywords as anchor text.

So what you would do on an online video sharing site like YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo and any other is

  1. Optimize the title of your video. Make sure to include your keywords and have them early in the title. For example “Online Sales Video- 10 Easy Methods That Save You Time And Money.” On different video sharing sites, different title lengths are allowed, so try to keep the title rather short.
  2. Next thing is the description. Have a keyword early in the description and sprinkle through out the whole text, but without overdoing it. Anything that sounds like it’s been written just for SEO is probably trying too hard. Oh and one more thing. Since you want your viewers to visit the site, start your description with a link to it. Just enter it in format and YouTube will automatically make it clickable.
  3. The keywords. Include a few of the most relevant keywords for the video. Too many keywords does not help either.

That’s probably it with the on page SEO. Now you would need to build some incoming links to your video. Here are some tips for you:

  • Post your video as a video response to other videos.
  • Bookmark your video in social bookmarking sites.
  • Post a link to it on your blog and any other relevant places.
  • If the competition is tough, write some articles linking to your video and get them distributed.

That’s the plan in a nutshell. It takes some time and effort to do it, but in the next post I’ll show you some decent tools for automating the process.

Stay tuned and post your thoughts below 🙂

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