Killer Sales Video Affiliate Program

Despite battling with viruses last week, I managed to set up Killer Sales Video affiliate program at And now it’s publicly open. Which means everyone is welcome to join and earn money. Basic tools are set up already for you to cut and paste.

The affiliate program is ran by iDevAffiliate which is the best and easiest to use hosted affiliate solution I could find. And I’ve tested like 419 of them. Ok not really, but a bunch. Why do you think Killer Sales Video didn’t have an affiliate program before?
Well, it did, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them and simply couldn’t let myself open the affiliate program to public. Now however you have all your fancy-pants options (including keyword tracking and linking to any page of KSV with you affiliate link) and still the ease of use and pretty graphics.

I’m working on more UNIQUE tools that have something to do with video, but I’m not going to reveal the full scoop just yet 🙂

So that’s a quick update to let you know I’m doing great and I haven’t been eaten by a computer virus.
Hope you’re doing well too!

Speak soon


Need Your Feedback For More Templates

As you probably know- one of my products is Killer Video templates or simply videos from templates. They’re getting pretty popular among our little Internet Marketing community so I’m thinking I need to expand the choice of those. And here’s where you come in!

I want you to tell me what it is you’d like to see in future Killer Video Templates. Let me know if you like the customizable image spots and would want some more or you don’t like them. Do you like the ability to stuff a lot of text in fewer scenes or do you prefer short and punchy text spots? What about the colors- dark or light? Music? Fancy 3D animations?

So please comment this post and let me know what you’d like in future templates. I will use this information and develop something you’ll be super excited to implement in your business.

I’m really looking forward to your ideas and suggestions 🙂

How To: Video For Backlinks and Traffic

How To:

Video marketing is just like article marketing- there are two ways to go about it.

One is to create quality video content and submit it online purely for driving direct traffic. People watching your video become interested in the topic and decide to find out more by visting your site.

The second way is to create a bunch of low quality content and distribute all over the place with a single purpose- to build backlinks. Unfortunately many people do so without ever thinking about people who actually watch the video.

In my book the best way to go about video marketing is focus un quality and people and the backlinks will come too. Here’s what I mean by that.

If you create a quality article, you can submit it to only one place without rewriting in order to avoid duplicate content penalty. With video, however, you just need to create it ONCE- search engine robots can’t watch it and check whether it’s duplicate or not. So if you actually invest the time and money and get a decent video done, you might as well spread it across the world wide web and get some backlinks too. Here’s what you’ll end up with:

  • A bunch of decent backlinks for your SEO campaign,
  • many small streams of direct traffic that, added together, make a big impact.

Shooting two ducks with one shot is pretty cool, so instead of submitting garbage videos, make them really good and capture direct traffic too.

So that’s my tip of the day, hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Video Landing Page Design Tips

Tips and TricksI’ve been working on a new design for all Killer Sales Video pages. It’s much cleaner, better looking and so far looks like the conversions have increased.

Check it out:
Kille Sales Video landing Page

So here are a few tips that can help you create higher converting video landing pages:

  • I added my name on top, because many people already know me and it works as sort of a brand.
  • Tell them what the video is about by using  a powerful, benefit oriented headline.
  • Add something like “Click here to find out more” to the video still, so they know where to click. A huge play button works for me too 🙂
  • Make it easy to understand what to do next. You can say at the end of your video “Insert your name and email in the form  and receive your free e-course”. Then add some big red arrows pointing at the form so even blind people can find it.
  • Form submit button should be really big and have an action title. So by clicking my “Give Me More Info Now!” button, you know that you’re  getting…
    (No Way!) …more info.
  • Privacy Policy, Customer Support and Contact links help with credibility and let people contact you if it’s necessary.

That’s about it. The main thing to note is: VIDEO LANDING PAGES NEED TO BE AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE

They’re built for a single purpose, so don’t let your prospects be distracted by too many bells, whistles and sheets of sales copy.