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Thanks to all who joined yesterday’s live webinar and to those who didn’t  make it- here’s what I was speaking about. (I didn’t manage to record the screen, so here’s a transcript).

I’m going to start off straight with the content part:

Video Squeeze / Sales Page Formula

So in every successful Squeeze page or salesletter you have these 3 things, which are absolutely necessary:

•Grab their attention

•Provide enough information

•Ask for action

So with that said there are many ways you can use video on your sales or lead capture page.

The most obvious way is to just use a plain video and an optin form or order link. It ca be a Killer Sales Video, a simple video presentation or you speaking in front of the camera.

The problem with Killer Sales Video is that in most cases it’s rather hard to provide enough information so your prospects feel confident enough to give you their email address or credit card number. As for the other types of video- they pretty much suck in the department of grabbing attention and creating anticipation.

One way to make sure all 3 things are done in your video is to use a Killer Sales Video in combination with a good old PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. You’ll instantly grab the attention with a KSV and then provide all the features, benefits and other details in the following presentation segment.

The second way is to mix traditional sales copy with a KSV or rather just add a video on top of your copy to spice it up a notch. I’ve also tested video on autoplay vs click-to-play and autoplay has worked the best for me. I’m not saying it’s the same with your stuff, so, as usual, do your own testing.

A great example of using a video on salespage is http://killersalesvideo.com (what a surprise :D)

Now, moving on to launches…

Video Product Launch Method

If you’ve been in this industry for more than 3 seconds, you probably know how all the big guru launches happen. There are a couple of content packed videos and the there is a pitch- also on video. Here’s where in this whole launch scenario you can have a Killer Sales Video working for you.

  • Start off by promoting that you’re going to be giving away free stuff and everyone should join you list. KSV is perfect for that.
  • Give away free stuff
  • Give away more free stuff
  • Once you’ve created enough good will in the marketplace, tell them you’ll be releasing a product and it’s coming soon. Again, use a KSV to get their anticipation levels through the roof.
  • Now you’re ready to actually launch your product

So basically you use KSV for additional exposure before the launch.

Search Engine Marketing With Video

The goal of this is to simply get your video out there to as many video sites as possible, because search engines like Google, will rank it higher than regular text-based content.

You must first choose the keywords you’d like to rank for and use them in your title, description and keyword fields when uploading the video to Youtube and other sites.

A good idea is not to overdo it, because it may be seen as keyword spamming by the search engines- just make it read natural.

And one more thing- we actually offer a video distribution service where we do it all for you, but it comes free with each order of KSV. You only have to create accounts at these sites, but you’ll be able to use the same accounts for many distribution packages. Or if you don’t have time for that, we’ll create accounts for you for an additional cost.

Using Video To Get Real People Visit Your Site

This is a bit different from mass distributing your videos, because your goal is not to rank in the search engines, but for your video to appear in related video section as much as possible and for people to watch the video and visit your site.

So to get your video in the related videos box and search result listings, you have to find a similar video with many views and emulate their keywords and descriptions. Chances are you’ll get many views as well.

Now when your video appears in the related videos section, you want people to check it out, so a good idea is to use some sort of epic or controversial title.

At the end of your video have your domain name and don’t forget to put a link in the description box as well.

Moving on to

Getting Affiliate Traffic (With Video)

Of course you can offer your Killer Sales Video as a promotional tool for your affiliates to use. But when you do, it’s a good idea not to include your domain name in the video. Reason being so that people have to go through the affiliate link and your affiliates get commissions.

A good thing I’ve found out works very well for me is allowing affiliates to brand my videos with their own affiliate links and text.

Actually I’ve created a special software that allows your affiliates to do this, check it out- http://imvideopro.com/prelaunch

And finally,

More Stuff I Want You To Know

  • Before creating the script for your video, decide what the goal of this video will be. It helps very much in creating a great script.
  • If you want a version of your video for your squeeze page and another one to give your affiliates, you don’t have to buy 2 different videos. We offer one free revision with each video, so you can simply re-purpose it and get 2 videos for the price of one. For example changing the last line from “Click The Link Below!” to “YourDomain.com”
  • Use Killer Intros: http://killersalesvideo.com/intros.html
  • Use http://imvideopro.com/prelaunch

Aside some minor tidbits, that’s probably all there was to it. I really hope you enjoyed reading/ listening to this material and I wish you great success with your videos.


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