Killer Sales Video Affiliate Program

Despite battling with viruses last week, I managed to set up Killer Sales Video affiliate program at And now it’s publicly open. Which means everyone is welcome to join and earn money. Basic tools are set up already for you to cut and paste.

The affiliate program is ran by iDevAffiliate which is the best and easiest to use hosted affiliate solution I could find. And I’ve tested like 419 of them. Ok not really, but a bunch. Why do you think Killer Sales Video didn’t have an affiliate program before?
Well, it did, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them and simply couldn’t let myself open the affiliate program to public. Now however you have all your fancy-pants options (including keyword tracking and linking to any page of KSV with you affiliate link) and still the ease of use and pretty graphics.

I’m working on more UNIQUE tools that have something to do with video, but I’m not going to reveal the full scoop just yet 🙂

So that’s a quick update to let you know I’m doing great and I haven’t been eaten by a computer virus.
Hope you’re doing well too!

Speak soon


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Chris Willow

Chris is the founder of Killer Sales Video. He's been in the business for over 5 years and has worked with more than 1,000 clients in 29 countries worldwide.

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