Choosing The Right Type Of Video For You

Choosing the right type of video

There are various different types of videos you can use: starting from simple narrated slides to complicated animations and everything in between.

The style of video that’s right for you depends largely on your business goals and budget. In this post we look at some of the different types of videos you can use to achieve different goals – from exciting viewers to generating sales.

Selling info products and services

Sales videos work best for information products and services. These videos can be narrated slides with text and images, or more sophisticated on-camera videos featuring the product creator or even an actor.

You’re not limited to one of these styles – in fact a combination of various types of video makes it more engaging, especially for longer videos (above 10 minutes).

For example,  sales videos will often start with a short on-camera intro by the product creator. This makes the experience more personal, which, in turn, helps convert more sales.

Other times a sales presentation can start with an epic intro to prepare viewers for what’s coming. This increases the chances of viewers sticking till the end.

Do keep in mind that the driving force of a sales video isn’t it’s production value, but the message. For this reason most of your budget should go towards hiring a copywriter and creating a compelling video script.

Selling software

Besides selling information products, sales videos are also great for selling software. If possible, you should include on-screen demo videos to show exactly how the application works and how easy it is to use it.

There is a problem, though.

On-screen software demos get boring faster than you can say “Uhmm”. Don’t make viewers watch as you type with one finger and correct mistakes. Cut this stuff out in post production and make sure the demo feels smooth and quick.

Generating leads or trial signups

When your initial goal is not to close the sale, but get a lead or a free trial signup, you often don’t need a full sales video.

The trend has been to use animated explainer videos, which can work amazingly well if you do it right. These are typically 30 to 90 second videos that rely heavily on animation to keep viewer’s interest, yet still pack a strong sales message in the narration.

Animated explainers can be expensive, but you can opt for simpler animations to save money. As with traditional sales videos, it’s all about the message anyways.

Launching a product or book

For product and book launches you can adopt the video trailer approach from the movie industry. Fact is, even the most mundane product can be presented in an epic way – see the video below for a real life example.

Multiple ads for used cars like this have popped up on the internet, but you get the point.

It’s worth noting that these video trailers rarely feature full length scripts. Most of the time the scripts are cut short enough to be presented as quick bullet points, while still conveying some kind of a story.


Whether you’re looking to do a launch, generate leads or sell product, video can help you achieve that.

Here at Killer Sales Video we can help you with epic trailers, sales presentations, animated explainers and other types of video. Send us an email to get a quote for your project.


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