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Killer Sales Video ContestI’ve decide to run a contest on a monthly basis to help generate some activity in the blog. I want it to be a two way communication between you, the client and me, the service provider, so we can improve the service and basically make you more money as a result.

So every month I will pick a random blog commentator who gets a free templated video from me (a $100 value). Pretty cool, huh? To enter, just post a comment, join the discussion and become a part of the community. It’s not huge, so your chances of winning are pretty big πŸ™‚

You can start by intoducing yourself in the comments section below.

Speak soon.

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Chris Willow

Chris is the founder of Killer Sales Video. He's been in the business for over 5 years and has worked with more than 1,000 clients in 29 countries worldwide.

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  2. Great work with the blog and your business in general. Seems to be growing nicely.

    If you don’t have it yet, I would like to see an affiliate program built in. I have a list I’d mail for ya.

    And it would be sweet to win a killer video.

  3. Hey Chris just found your video on the warrior forum, Wow its awesome I have to get one of those to advertise my blog. It came right out at me made me want to keep on watching.

    I am being taught that video marketing is the way forward,so I am glad I found you Chris looks like I could pick up some good tips here.

    Hope to speak soon my man.



  4. Hey Chris;

    I just dropped by to leave a comment….I bought a video from you a while back and I think it was great! the layout, the graphics, the way it brought my presentation together, it was all great……

    The only thing I would change if I was in your shoes is the big white space where you place the persons graphics. This needs to be form fitting to the graphics they have.

    On my video the white back ground over takes the graphic’s. If you could make it to where all you saw was the graphic’s it would be 100% cooler…..Not to say they’re not cool already. But this is why you have this blog, is to find out how to make them better…….true?

    Anyway, thanks for the good job on the video and maybe next time I get a video you will have figured out how to do get the graphic’s in without showing so much white……..



    1. Hey, Ron
      Thanks for the comment. I suppose I could ask for transparent png file in the upload form and that would get rid of the white space πŸ™‚


  5. Hi Chris – count me in! πŸ˜‰

    A couple of things…

    1) The link to your affiliate link is giving me a 404 error

    2) I know you use Sony Vegas but will can I assume it’s just as easy to integrate your intro vids using another video editor??


    1. Hey, Vicky
      I’m setting up a new affiliate system with instant paypal payout (using butterfly marketing). Will be sending out a promotion to everyone, so watch out for that πŸ™‚

      In the tutorial I used Vegas- the application I use normally (After FX) is not the best choice for adding a simple intro. you could do that in movie maker, iMovie, camtasia and just about any other program.


  6. Hi Chris, I would like to thank you for the video in late April. You were busy back then and yet you took up my request for a promo video.

    Gotten rave reviews from most of our customers and we’re using it as an ecommerce intro. Your new templates are super cool too! Don’t mind getting another (c:

  7. Wow! I can not believe how well you do your magic! I have no product as yet, just learning to do affiliate marketing, but sure would like to tap into the sale prices and use them later! Is that a possibility? Or would this work with affiliate marketing? (guess you can tell I’m a noobie)

    Either way, fabulous work you do Chris!

    1. Sure, you can submit the videos whenever you feel like
      This has worked for affiliate and cpa marketing for many clients so I suspect it won’t be a problem for you πŸ™‚


  8. Hey Chris.

    Your templated videos are very powerful. I’ve shown them to a few clients and they’ve all been impressed. As we continue to build a client base, I’m sure we’ll be coming back to you over and over to get videos done. We do all of our live videos using our own crew, but for something like you produce, I’ve not seen a single provider that does it with the power and punch that you do.

    Thanks for an excellent product and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship.

  9. Wow! It has been a long time (and I’ve been around a very long time LOL) since I have been so impressed with an outsource solution for anything in online marketing. Your videos rock!

    I have web clients that definitely require your video services and a couple of upcoming projects myself that would benefit greatly from a powerful video impact such as what you produce.

    Top drawer quality and low prices – great combo!


  10. Hello Chris, This is great to give us a chance in winning. I now read your blog and sort understand more of how it works.But would like you to put this first video for me ( for money ofcourse) so I could see the end product and then I’ll learn quicker this way.


  11. I enjoyed your videos and the sound was great. Its to bad that I am a newbie an flat broke all I need is a chance to place a video on my blog or Web page.Then I will get people to stand and take notice for the new kid on the block.I need a video full of good content so I will get a return for all the hard work trying to learn this business.Great Job, Robert Wright!

  12. High Marks All the Way Around! KSV has raised the bar for video production.

    Chris created a video for my marketing company that is “Smoking Hot!” My clients will see the quality and professionalism and jump at the chance to have an epic video on their websites.

    If a picture says a thousand words….a video says a MILLION Words!!!

    Let the sales begin!

    I cannot remember when I was so impressed with a new product.

    Kenneth Mack

  13. This is awesome. I’m in the process of starting a video production business and decided to outsource through your affiliate program. I’m excited about what you can bring to our customers! Thanks

    A Happy Affiliate!

  14. Chris – awesome product and concept for a business model. love the video’s! it is the future of internet marketing – engaging the senses! Awesome.

    Simply brilliant – you’ve got my wheels turning!

    Joe Schlosser
    @emgcoach – twitter

  15. I am left speechless by these videos. I am a custom furniture maker and I am getting into the realm of web tv. With my time line in jeopardy I am glad that I found these as I need a trailer to show those who want to advertise with me. I really hope those potential advertisers are as blown away as I was by the quality of this production. The bad thing is how am I supposed to keep that same quality through my weekly show? Thanks a ton Chris!

  16. Chris,

    I have to say that this is an amazing offer. I use video links extensively in my campaigns; and the quality of the video templates you’re offering is great. I like that I can customize them to my site and my offering.

    I look forward to hearing from you about my videos!


  17. Hey Chris,

    Just received my vid, which I did as kind of a tongue-in-cheek promo for my new comedy CD, and the response from a few friends has been excellent. Already posted it on facebook and youtube, and soon I’ll get it on my website. Thanks!

    One thought: would it be possible to offer a feature that lets people upload their own short voice-over at the end of the video?

  18. Hello Chris
    Owner of Your home for Personal Safety & Self Defense.
    I can’t tell you have very inpressed I am with the work you have done for me on Killer Sales Video. I also know that when I did email you you found the time to get back to me in a very timely manner.
    I now know why you give an Unconditional,100% Money-Back Guarantee.I love how easy it is to use and you take care of the rest.
    I will surely increase the traffic to my site

    Thanks so very much for your help

  19. Hi Chris,

    I have always sat spellbound when watching movie trailers in the cinema. Seeing your video templates created that same feeling all over again and more….

    Fantastic stuff and I intend to order one or more in the very near future…

    Many thanks.

    Mark Jerram
    United Kingdom

  20. WOW! I expected huge hurdles to getting this done. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The key is following Chris’ easy to understand instructions… and bang! You have a really cool, (and more importantly) powerfully persuasive sales video.

    Turn around time is amazing – exactly 15 hours to get it back after I submitted it.

    Thanks, Chris!

  21. Chris, you ROCK! I am a non-traditional marketing expert and your video’s blow away traditional marketing avenues and will help make our competitors not know what hit them! POWERFUL. UNIQUE. COOL. PERSUASIVE. I LIKE it! FREEBIE OR NOT, WE are investing in you! First Jonathan Budd, Now Chris Willow…look out Internet, what a combination.

    Doug Sleeth
    MyChoice & BizPro Marketing Group, LLC
    Warner Robins, GA, USA

  22. Love the video templates. We had one made at which is basically a slide presentation with music. It gets the point across, but yours are much more dramatic. Would love to win a free video. I can see creating a new video for each product launch. Can’t believe how inexpensive they are.



  23. Hi Chris!

    First of all, beautiful work. Truly.

    I am getting ready to launch my online presence and would love to have your work be part of that. I design 6-figure businesses for heart-centered service professionals and solo entrepreneurs and KNOW they are going to love this concept in their business also. (And wait until I tell my fellow coaches about your services πŸ™‚

    Drawing my name for your free offer would be the icing on the cake.

    With gratitude,

    Georgina Sweeney
    Abundant Business Designer & Personal Marketing Coach

    “How to design (or re-design!) the business that is right for you and turn it into 6 figures”

  24. Chris–

    Welcome back from Austria! I’ve never been snowboarding, but I’m having an experience right now that I bet is a similar kind of exhilaration.

    Within the next month, I’ll be launching a new product that’s a “first to market” tech goodie for a huge niche market. This just “fell into my lap” and I’m shocked that no one has grabbed the opportunity before! I’d love to make my big announcement with a Killer Sales Video.

    I hope you’ll help me BARGE this launch by selecting me as the winner of your March contest!!

    Thanks –


  25. I came across your website when I saw one of your videos on a friends website. I was stunned by the quality of the video and I knew I had to have one, so I asked him who produced the video for him and he led me here.

    I wasn’t too surprised to later find out your also a fellow warrior, I wasn’t really surprised as it seems many of the greatest minds have spent at least some time on the Warrior Forum.

    I really am impressed at how good these videos look at such an amazing price. It’s not very often that you can find such cost effective advertising material such as this.

    Above all else you offer a 100% money back guarantee.. Can it really get any better than that?

    I plan on purchasing at LEAST one of your videos in the near future, if I should just happen to be chosen to win that free one than I would consider myself incredibly lucky because I know I’m getting a powerful, unique and high quality production.

    Best Regards,

    Evan Kelly
    Kirksville, Mo USA

  26. Hi Chris, I just started out with a life coaching business and looking for strategic alliances to assist with on-line presence. The video examples I have seen from you are very captivating an draw immediate attention – that’s impressive. By the way I was referred to your site by Lou Bortone. He suggested because he was so busy that your services would most beneficial. I agree with him and I can see why from what i have seen so far. I would like to work with you on the best video presence for my business that focuses on personal wellness, life-transitions and leadership.
    Clare Valley, Australia

  27. hello Chris, Purchased your stuff last night and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Any chance of seeing a sample of one of your videos and what kind of info do you need to make a finished product? I have a special idea that would help both of us if I happen to win the freebie!!! A lot of high visibility stuff. Richard

  28. Hi, Chris–
    Wow. I mean really– WOW! We are SO excited to find you. We’re just launching into an amazing new business op and that’s how we “stumbled” onto you (but there are no coincidences). We also run an arts non-profit conservatory and though we have videos on our site, NONE are remotely like what you do. We are reserving our first video with you today and suspect that we’ll be doing business with you quite a bit more…for both of our endeavors.

    Looking forward to working with you.
    All the best to you,

  29. Hi Chris,

    Looks good! Can you do video’s in other languages than English? I am Dutch. What if I would make a script with video texts in Dutch and would add English translation for your understanding?

    Greetz, Eric

  30. Chris,

    Wow. Your Killer Sale Video absolutely blew me away. Just incredible. You rock.

    Why aren’t you producing feature films? You’ve definitely got the talent. No doubt about it.

    I’ll be contacting you soon.


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