Adding Links To Your Videos

Adding links to videos

Some of our clients have been asking us to add links to their newly produced videos. In this post I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

It’s all about the video player

So look, it’s not possible to create links directly in a video file. However, some video players do allow you to display a clickable link over the video player.

Take YouTube for example. You can add clickable callouts to your videos that look something like this:

Annotation example

There are some limitations in Youtube, for example, you can only link to websites that have been added to your account as Associated Websites.

Another way you can add links to your videos is by using KrunchLabs video platform and its web video player.

KrunchLabs web video player

KrunchLabs is a video hosting service for online businesses and marketers who want to easily publish, protect and track their videos online.

It’s got a ton of features designed for online marketers and businesses, including a feature that lets you add clickable Call to Action links at the end of your videos (pictured below).

Krunchlabs CTA

Or, you can see the CTA in action by watching the short video below.

[krunch video=”1293_bb4bce”]

What’s next?

We’ve learned that links can be added using using services like Youtube or KrunchLabs. The next step is to make track how many viewers actually click your call to action link.

If you’re using Google Analytics already, I’ll show you how to track clicks on your video. If not, start using GA as soon as possible. It’s free and has a ton of great features.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Analytics URL Builder
  2. Enter your website’s URL and receive a modified tracking link
  3. See the clicks in your Campaigns report in Google Analytics

Here are the required parameters in Analytics URL Builder:

  • Website URL – this is the link you want viewers to go to
  • Campaign Source –  enter something like “video1”
  • Campaign Medium – enter “video-cta”
  • Campaign Name – enter something like “video promotion”

Basically, you can choose your own values here. When you’re done click “Submit” and you’ll get a tracking link that you can plug into your video player.


If the call to action of your video includes user clicking a link, get a web video player that allows links in videos. Youtube is great, but you have to add your website as an Associated Websites in Youtube. KrunchLabs is another option, which allows clickable CTAs in videos.

Make sure Google Analytics is installed on your website and create custom tracking links using the URL builder as outlined above.

Finally, go into your analytics campaigns and see how many people are clicking on the links.

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