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Dear business owner,

If you're looking for an animated video that actually helps generate sales, this is the most important page you'll read.

Here's why.

Right this moment a potential customer could be leaving your website credit card in hand.

That's what people do when they become frustrated.

Killer Sales Video helps you engage and convert these visitors with animated explainer videos.

Here's The Problem

More often than not these videos end up being nothing more than expensive eye candy.

That's because the people who created them don't understand the most important component of any successful video.

Other video producers will tell you: it's the video production.

Our experience shows the contrary - you first need a well crafted script. Only then a quality video can help bring your sales message to life.

Yes, a professional script can be expensive.

But you know what's more expensive? Wasting money on a video that doesn't get you a return on investment.

With that understood, let me explain...

Why This Is Different

Killer Sales Video is different because we care about your results. I don't leave you scrambling to write a video script or find a reputable copywriter. Instead, my team and I do it for you.

We'll write you a powerful video script, record the narration, design and create you a beautiful video, add high quality music and set the video up on your site.

All part of the service.

You Won't Waste Your Time

I get it. Your time is valuable, otherwise you wouldn't be looking for professional video help.

Because we take care of everything for you, you don't have to scour the web for copywriters, voice actors or graphic designers.

Also, we don't need a lot of input to create great work. You'll be able to review the script, audio and graphics as we go and suggest changes where you see fit. Other than that, this really is a hands-free opportunity for you.

Your Next Step

When you're ready to boost conversions, explode your subscriber lists and increase profits with video, fill out the form below.

I'll be looking forward to your message.

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Chris Willow
Head Producer & Founder

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who are tempted to put this off, DON'T.

Fill out the form above now and I'll get back to you with detailed information. There is no charge for this and there's no catch. If you like what you hear, we can discuss working together.

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