Video Landing Page Design Tips

Tips and TricksI’ve been working on a new design for all Killer Sales Video pages. It’s much cleaner, better looking and so far looks like the conversions have increased.

Check it out:
Kille Sales Video landing Page

So here are a few tips that can help you create higher converting video landing pages:

  • I added my name on top, because many people already know me and it works as sort of a brand.
  • Tell them what the video is about by usingĀ  a powerful, benefit oriented headline.
  • Add something like “Click here to find out more” to the video still, so they know where to click. A huge play button works for me too šŸ™‚
  • Make it easy to understand what to do next. You can say at the end of your video “Insert your name and email in the formĀ  and receive your free e-course”. Then add some big red arrows pointing at the form so even blind people can find it.
  • Form submit button should be really big and have an action title. So by clicking my “Give Me More Info Now!” button, you know that you’reĀ  getting…
    (No Way!) …more info.
  • Privacy Policy, Customer Support and Contact links help with credibility and let people contact you if it’s necessary.

That’s about it. The main thing to note is: VIDEO LANDING PAGES NEED TO BE AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE

They’re built for a single purpose, so don’t let your prospects be distracted by too many bells, whistles and sheets of sales copy.