Good News!

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I’m doing a very special promotion for my friends and clients. If you have worked with me before- and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a full-blown custom video production or just a $27 intro template- you’ll be getting a superb rate on your new orders of Killer Sales Video Templates.

Here’s why I’ve decided to do it. Since you’ve already worked with me, I’m almost 100% sure you’re satisfied with the awesome quality of service I offer. And if the video worked for you, you’ll probably want more…

So with that in mind- just log in the members area and take advantage of the special offer there: I’m giving you a $20.00 off on every KSV template you order.

But if we haven’t worked together yet, don’t worry. Even with the smallest order of KSV, you automatically become a VIP member and receive first crack at everything I produce including new templates, new services and new products- all at very friendly prices.

All in all, joining the VIP club of Killer Sales Video owners, has never been so rewarding. EVER.

But there is a slight problem with that…

You see, I’ve been pretty busy working on great videos and there is only so much time in the day I can spend doing it. So I’m afraid I’ll have to limit the spots available each week/month and if you’d like some of those, you’ll have to stop procrastinating and get yourself a KILLER sales video.

You can’t afford to wait a month for the graphics guy to finish your minisite and the copywriter to crank out some copy for you. What you should do NOW is claim your spot in my schedule and when you have that copy and graphics, simply log in and submit your script. No need to wait another month, cause it’ll be done by the time you wake up next morning.

Oh and one more thing- my VIP clients receive unlimited spots even if there are no free spots publicly available.

I guess what I wanted to say with this post is- if you’re in for a video, get it now and enjoy the benefits- NOW is the best time to act.

Alright, I really hope we can work together on your video soon.


P.S. If you’ve stopped procrastinating, here is where you should go now: