New Template Production Sneak Peak

Been working on a new template for the last (more than a) few hours. It’ s not nearly finished, but at least I’ve got the concept down.

This is going to be really great and I’ m saying cause all other templates suck, but this will be a better one. 😀

Ok, seriously it’s awesome as always.

Here are some features:

  • Slow places for longer text lines (seems to me many people like to express themselves in long copy rather than short pucnhlines). Short scripts fit in perfectly too.
  • Still have some great fast-paced parts for hammering your benefits.
  • Image spot as always. It’ s shown in the production shot below. The stock image is money so if you’ re selling business stuff, might as well leave it there. Of course it’ s customizable with your own image.
  • 60 seconds of the best soundtrack KSV Templates ever had.
  • Great visuals as always.

Check out the production shot (click for full size):

New Killer Video Template Preview

Have a great weekend (Whats left of it anyways 🙂 )!