Status Udate On New Templates, New Stuff and New Services.

Hey there!
First off I hope you’re enjoying the amazing holidays and doing some business too. Actually, it amazes me how much attention people devote to their businesses at the end of the year (judging by the amount of videos we’ve done this month) and I’m not an exception. Finishing up things and working with you to start the new year with a blast.

So in this blog post I’m gonna let you in on what you can expect from me *sometime soon* (soon being real soon).

Two of those awesome things will be 2 brand new templates. Each a bit different, but still my usual epic style. I really hope I can finish up at least one of those before the new year- that is within like the next 2 days.

Next up is a set of Killer Video Players for those who keep asking me how to use my videos on their sites and make money. Oh, about the making money part- most video players require a commercial licence if you want to use them say in your sales letter. Well, I have none of that crap prepared for you. Use them where you want, no royalties, no hidden gimmicks, great designs, great features and a pleasant surprise- the price. Plus you can expect a free installation with the package too. Within 24 hours.
I’m actually famous now with the 24 hour turnaround. OK, not really, but still. People notice.

And lastly- since everyone is so big on video right now, including me, I’m opening a special service for the video people. More specifically- product owners, who want their affiliates to make them more money with videos. If you’re one of my affiliates, you know what I’m talking about. It’s not going to be exclusive to KSV anymore and you’ll be able to give your own affiliates branded videos for their promos.

Expect to see a private beta version of this service within the next 2 weeks and if you’re working with me already, you can be sure I’ll email you about that.
Now when it’s out in public, I better get cracking. Enjoy what’s left of the holidays and I’ll announce the new template in my next post.



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Chris Willow

Chris is the founder of Killer Sales Video. He's been in the business for over 5 years and has worked with more than 1,000 clients in 29 countries worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Status Udate On New Templates, New Stuff and New Services.”

  1. Awesome work, Chris! Each template you bring out is infectious and I just have to find a use for it – either on my own site(s) or my client’s. Can’t wait to see new ones. Have to get a client to order another one anyway for a new site of theirs … so, when is soon?!

    Can see a few more being ordered in the next month or so. The visual and sound tracks are so captivating and exciting.

  2. I agree. I am looking forward to seeing your new videos, Chris. The sound and visual synchronisation is amazing. It really builds interest…captivating!!

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