Choosing The Right Type Of Video For You

Choosing the right type of video

There are various different types of videos you can use: starting from simple narrated slides to complicated animations and everything in between.

The style of video that’s right for you depends largely on your business goals and budget. In this post we look at some of the different types of videos you can use to achieve different goals – from exciting viewers to generating sales.

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Sales Video Presentation

Here’s the thing about custom videos. Most of the time people want us to do a video sales letter or a presentational style of video with voiceover. Which is cool, but it’s also pretty time consuming and expensive.

So what I thought I’d do is come up with a presentation template, that can be re-used just like my other designs, and save you a bunch of money. I’ve deliberately made this in a way that can be repurposed without messing up timing and everything, so if you want a fancy bells-and-whistles video with complex animation, I’d still need to make you a custom one.

My question to you is- do you need this type of template? Post a comment or shoot me an email and let me know.