RELEASED: New Turn-Key Video

Finally, here’s the new template in action. I’ll be letting you know when it’s available in the members area.

Help me name the new template (Updated)

Hey, friends!
Good news- I’ve finally finished a brand new template which is SUPER AWESOME 🙂

Check it out!

The bad news? I can’t think of a good name for it.
So if you can think of anything awesome that would fit this template, please post a comment below. And if I pick your name, you’ll get this one for free before anyone else can even buy it.


Whooaah!! Thanks for all the amazing ideas! It wasn’t easy picking the winner and it came down to “Shattered” or “Altitude”.

But in the end I decided that Shattered Blue is what describes it the best. So with that said…

The new template shall be called Shattered Blue as suggested by Jack Wells.

And here you can download a HD version for the most amazing experience.

(Right click and “Save Target As”)

Now if we’ve worked together on your video already, I’ll be emailing you the special pre-launch submission link so you can grab it before the rest of the world.

If we haven’t worked together just yet, don’t worry. You can either quickly order now to get the link from me (which is recommended, by the way :P) or you can wait till I release it to the public.

Either way I want to thank you for reading this and helping me create new videos to make the internet a better place 🙂