Using Stock Photos In Your Marketing


What comes to mind first when you hear the words “Stock Photography”? If you immediately think of cheesy photos of business men and women looking directly into the camera with a huge smile on their face, you’re not alone.

Businesses and marketers use this type of stock photo because they want to look “professional”, and because that’s what their competitors are using.

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Video Not Generating Sales? Here’s Why…


Clients come to us for video help, but what they often need is advice on positioning, copywriting and marketing. As long as these things are not taken care of, a great sales video can not make a huge difference.

Here are some points you should address before investing in a video.


Positioning can make or break your business. Get it right and customers will come to you credit card in hand. Get it wrong and you’ll have a hard time giving your product away for free.

I’ve seen quality products fizzle as a direct result of bad positioning, and I’ve seen crappy products succeed because they were positioned perfectly.

So what is perfect positioning actually?

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Choosing The Right Type Of Video For You

Choosing the right type of video

There are various different types of videos you can use: starting from simple narrated slides to complicated animations and everything in between.

The style of video that’s right for you depends largely on your business goals and budget. In this post we look at some of the different types of videos you can use to achieve different goals – from exciting viewers to generating sales.

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Questions Every Sales Video Should Answer


The first thing you need to know about writing profit-pulling sales video scripts is this:

“Message first. Medium second.”

Video is just the medium in which you present your sales message. It IS important, because it can multiply the power of your message. But guess what? Anything times zero is still zero, so if your message sucks, the production quality of the video won’t help.

Having realised this, we actually hired a copywriter and started offering video script writing services to our clients.

If, however, you’d like to write a video script of your own, here are some tips to help you do it better.

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